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KYTE-FM Was In California??
 KYTE-FM Was In California??

A Big THANK YOU To Dwayne Raser for the following bit 'o history of our call sign!!


My name is Dwayne Raser and I live in San Jose.
I was poking around on Google, and decided to see if the call letters
Of the radio station I worked for in my very first job in radio are still
In use.
I put the letters in and came up with your address.
Thought you might be interested to know that KYTE-FM was a very small
station located in Livermore Calif.  It went on the air in 1969. It was
located at 101.7  As a matter of fact, I was the first voice , when
the switch was turned on at the transmitter/station.
Would you believe that I came across a reel to reel tape of a show that
I and a lady named Sue Seward hosted each Friday night.
My family and I lived in Dublin at the time.
The station was owned by Peer Broadcasting. Programming was MOR with a
Mix of classical, show tunes, etc. during the course of sunrise to Midnight.
It was fun. I moved on in 1970.
Just thought you might be interested in the history of KYTE-FM.
Hope your station is doing well.
Dwayne Raser.

KBCH AM 1400
4741 SW Highway 101 Suite A, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
541-994-2181 · info@kbcham.com

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