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The Coast Crew
The Coast Crew

"The Coast Crew Challenge"  Is Fun Morning
Trivia...& All You Need To Do Is Be YOU!  Find Out More HERE

Take Your Daughter To Work Day 2006

     The Original Coast Crew was on the air on KYTE-FM in 1999 (See Sandy's Page).  Johnny has been bringing you "Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favorites" since 1991, starting first in the mellow, mid-day 10am - 2PM shift, then Mornings soon after that.  (See Johnny's Page)

                 Check back for more pictures, interesting links, stories, likes and dis-likes, stuff & things!

Do you have something fun to add to the links below?  If you do, e-mail the
web page, or the URL to johnny@ybcradio.com We just might share it on our pages

Write Your Own Symphony  

            Looking for Cheap Gasoline?      Poor Mans Belligio Fountains 

If you have a cell phone and a cable to connect to your PC odds are good you can load your own ringtones. The only catch is usually they need to be midi files. We found a nice stash of midi's if this interests you.

Have Windows XP?  Here are some fun tweaks & tips    The Morning Guy  (Thanks Dusty)

Is Homeland Security Watching You?   Senses Challenge (thanks DB!)  Age Guage  (Thanks, Dee)

This Is Kinda Fun    Chicken & Egg  ( Thanks Robin J.)  Just Mindless (Thanks Murph!)

Coast Crew Jigsaw Puzzle   CyberBox   Carve Your Own Pumpkin (thanks, Dusty!)

Remember Hal Gurney Network Time Killers?  Here Is The Coast Crews Version

Get Fuzzy E-Cards   Mini-Putt II   Fishy   Flash Games   Reflex!   Flip Out

55 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena  (Watch The Eyes!)

This Game is composed of a set of puzzles which are connected to each other. Each answer from one puzzle is the input for the next puzzle and the puzzles aren’t that easy!

Is It November?    BooBah (lotsa fun!)  World Beard & Moustache Championship


Tonight Show Hosts: Steve Allen   Jack Parr   Johnny Carson   Plus, in 2009: Conan O'Brien 




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